About the Author


“You cannot change what you refused to confront. – Adapted”

Hello! My name is Rosalie Soledad, a wife, mom to five kids, and working from home.

I’m currently working as an ESL Teacher. I have over seven years (7 years) experience in supervising and monitoring MRP Booking Section, Production Planning and Inventory Control, Warehousing in a manufacturing industry.

I worked as Manufacturing Engineer for Customer Quality Assurance providing final approval before shipment of the products exported to another country. I am an experienced Customer Representative in a Multinational BPO company (Inbound service for a Healthcare Account), Outbound Sales for Electronics component, Lead Generation, WordPress, Social Media Specialist, and E-mail management.

I’m a VA in the making. Filling up my half-empty glass is something that keeps me driven in learning something new every day.

Allow me to walk you through the labyrinth of working from the comfort of your home.