How to Find Work Online

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“You cannot change what you refused to confront. – Adapted”

The number of freelancers who wants to work in the comfort of their home is rapidly increasing. They are professionals and skilled individuals who want to change their career and lifestyle while earning five to six digits a month which is decent enough to provide for the family by working from home.

It would be difficult for some to know what online job they can have. Therefore, one should have an assessment of whatever skills they should possess and start on improving. People who want to start this kind of venture are having some questions like:

How to start working online? What do I need to get started? What kind of job could I have? How would I know if the job is legit? What are the skills should I possess? How to deal with the increase in competition?
How could I get pay?

Those are some of the few questions I also have two years ago, before launching a career as an ESL online teacher. Well, those were the times when I’m still trying to figure out how to start to work from home.

So, what did I consider on finding work online?

1. Do some research
Back in 2012, I have thought that since I’m not that techie and don’t even know how to use Facebook then. I surfed the internet for some ideas and kept myself informed. I joined Facebook groups and followed blogs and learned from them. I realized the vast online opportunities like ESL home-based teaching, Virtual Assistant, writing jobs, web development, graphic artist, Admin assistant, customer support, social media marketing, and etc.

2. Sign up and Create Accounts on Social Media
I joined various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, WordPress, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and Yahoo. I tried to learn each one of them and continue to discover things.

3. Home-Office Space, Equipment, and Internet
You need a convenient space free of noise, table, computer set, headset with noise canceling, webcam, reliable internet. Besides from my desktop I use for more than two years now, I have an extra desktop, and a standby laptop in case of power outage or in case my computer hangs. I don’t have a generator, so, I use a power inverter, battery, and charger as power back-up.

4. Bank Account
A bank account is needed to receive your payment. Good thing I was able to use my payroll bank account I had from my previous job in the BPO and had it updated to a personal account (It is the required bank by the company).

5. Schedule
It is important for me to choose my schedule because working as a freelancer gives some flexibility and freedom to my other obligation to the family.

6. Continuous improvement
Keep learning! There are lots of webinars, video tutorials online which you can book for free, group pages you can join. Don’t stop looking. Always have that passion for upskilling. 

“You cannot change what you refused to confront. – Adapted”


Stay at home and spend more time with your family while earning!

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Any two cents on this post? Feel free to give your comments and I’m happy to share my adventure on the other side.


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