Career Shifter: My Indoor Nook



“You cannot change what you refused to confront. – Adapted”

I have been working as an ESL teacher for more than two years now. I can say that I finally found my niche working at home from the comfort of my nook.

By the way, let me say something how I ended up teaching English online. I promise you it’s not a short route.

I’m a graduate of B.S. Chemical Engineering course from one of the prestigious school in the country. After graduating, I’ve worked first as Marketing Assistant for chemicals. It is just a short live work of three months since I got hired in one of the biggest Food industry located in Cavite. However, working in that industry put a lot of challenges for me. Traveling from Quezon City to Cavite and so forth is such a big ordeal because you would face the daily hassle of commuting. The worst of it was when I got sick and eventually resigned.

After recovering, a childhood friend of mine encouraged me to apply to the company she got hired. Luckily, I got the job as Manufacturing Engineer. I worked as Customer Quality Assurance providing final approval before shipment of the products exported to another country. Then, later I worked there as Production Planner.

I had extensive experience in the manufacturing industry from supervising and monitoring Material Requisition Planning Booking Section, Production Planning and Inventory Control, and Warehousing.

But I eventually resigned after working over seven years because I need to take care of my children since finding a reliable nanny was not that easy. Believe me, making the decision to leave work wasn’t easy either.

I stayed at home for seven years juggling household chores and kids homework. I realized that I’m beginning to get tired of it that I should find something to get back to the corporate world and help my husband to augment our family income. Then, I chance upon Free Training for Call Center. I signed up and got a scholarship to learn about the basic refresher if you are planning to enter the jungle world of the call center. Yes! I worked as Customer Care Representative in a Multinational BPO company for an Inbound Healthcare account. I also had an experience of Outbound Sales for Electronics component. It helps me a lot!

I’ve never been thankful for that experience in the BPO industry because it opens an avenue for me to try ESL Teaching. And voila, here I am working in the field that gives me great pleasure by imparting my knowledge to my students in the other parts of the world.

Now, I’m working in the comfort of my indoor nook, still counting and loving it!

If you are interested in having an ESL Teaching career, you can sign up for this link/s:

☑ For Philippine-based Referrals: Click here to apply

☑ For Abroad-based Referrals:  Click here to apply

☑ Please write in [ Your 51TalkTeacher Name:  SPARTAN ]


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Any two cents on this post? Feel free to give your comments and I’m happy to share my adventure on the other side.


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